About Us

Hi, I’m Ray Johnson and welcome to my website.

I started working in the industry when I was just 12 when I began working for my family’s company at weekends, and it’s now it’s my full-time job six days a week running one of our stalls.

Even before I started my weekend job in the school holidays I used to go to Covent Garden market with my dad or grandad.

Although I had to get up at silly o’clock to go with them the experience was unforgettable. The buzz of the whole market and characters you would get to meet (my grandad being one of them) while you were there was just brilliant fun.

Also, there was the added bonus of a bacon or sausage sandwich before we left.

Unfortunately Covent Garden market isn’t the same any more it’s more for event and corporate florists not market traders like myself, but we are a dying breed too.

The same goes for most of the nurserymen that I have gained a lot of my knowledge from over the years. They are leaving the industry with no one to pass their expertise on too.

I have also been lucky enough to visit Holland and experience the flower auctions and visit some of the mega nurseries there. The sheer scale and technology that they have in place in the Netherlands is quite amazing. (Amsterdam is quite an eye-opener too lol!)

The reason for starting this site is because of a book I read on holiday a few years ago about starting your own website.

I then took a web design course and started the site to document the many questions I have been asked in the 25 years have work in the gardening industry.

I’ve also had my own garden for over 15 years now so some of the answers are from my successes and failures in my garden.

I hope you enjoy the website and hope I can answer the question you came here for.