When To Plant Busy Lizzies In The UK

Busy Lizzie

For generations, Busy Lizzies were a popular house plant with no importance in UK gardens until the late 1970s and then there was a remarkable change.

Plant breeders developed the compact showy F1 hybrids and gardeners found no other bedding plant gave solid blocks of colours for months on end when planted under trees or in a damp shady place.

Shade isn’t essential for Busy Lizzies though as they thrive in full sun even during a hot spell and also starts to bloom when seedlings are only a few inches high.

These qualities have made Busy Lizzies one of the most popular bedding plants here in the UK. There are really few drawbacks apart from they will need watering during a hot dry spell and they aren’t easy to grow from seed.

When To Plant Busy Lizzies

Busy Lizzies are classed as a half-hardy annual here in the UK, which means they are sensitive to frost and should be planted out when the danger of frost has passed. This is normally sometime in May depending on where you live in the UK.

Where To Plant Busy Lizzies

Busy Lizzies prefer well-drained soil and can be planted in full sun or a shady position.

When Do Busy Lizzies Flower

The flowering period for Busy Lizzies is from late May to the first frost in the autumn normally around October time.

How Far Apart Should I Plant Busy Lizzies

When planting Busy Lizzies in a border to make a blanket of colour they should be spaced around 6 to 9 inches (15-23cm) apart.