Acer (Japanese Maple)

When To Prune Acers

Pruning an Acer should really be kept to a minimum as the most graceful shape can come from a tree that has been left to develop naturally. But if you wish to prune your Acer to take a certain shape or hard prune an overgrown tree then this is best carried out when it fully …

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Rosemary Plant

When To Prune Rosemary

Rosemary is a great addition to any herb garden, however, it does require annual pruning to keep it looking at its best. The main reason for an annual prune is to help slow down the formation of wood and extend the vigour and lifetime of your rosemary. The best time of year to prune rosemary …

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A Shropshire Lad David Austin Rose

When To Prune Roses In The UK

When To Prune Bushes, Climbers And Standards Almost all roses need to be pruned in late winter/early spring, around March time depending on where you live in the UK. This is recommended for established plants and any roses that you have planted during the previous autumn and winter. If you plan on planting a bush …

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Lavender with bees

When To Prune Lavender In The UK

Lavender is an easy to grow, versatile evergreen semi-shrub that produces one of the longest lasting and beautifully scented flowers around. A drought-tolerant plant that likes a sunny dry spot and thrives in borders, pots, herb or gravel gardens. Lavender is an evergreen shrub that looks like a perennial plant because most of its growth …

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