When To Plant Lavender

Lavender can be planted anytime from early spring to late autumn. Planting in the spring will give your lavender time to establish through a full growing season. Choosing Your Lavender Before planting you need to choose which type of lavender you wish to grow, this is because not all lavenders are winter hardy. The most …

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Acer (Japanese Maple)

When To Prune Acers

Pruning an Acer should really be kept to a minimum as the most graceful shape can come from a tree that has been left to develop naturally. But if you wish to prune your Acer to take a certain shape or hard prune an overgrown tree then this is best carried out when it fully …

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Camellia japonica

15 Shrubs To Grow In The Shade

If you have a north facing garden or a space to fill under a tree there are some stunning shade-loving shrubs that have attractive foliage and others that produce showy flowers. We have compiled a list of some popular shrubs that will thrive in the shady part of your garden. Aucuba Japonica ‘Variegata’ A versatile …

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